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Spacepad Wireless/Wired Macropad

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The Spacepad is a versatile, compact, and slim macropad keyboard. It is designed to be used with both wired and wireless controllers, and so also has the facilities to be used with Bluetooth - it has battery headers and a power switch built onto the board.

Choc v1, Choc v2, and MX-style switches are all compatible with this board.  For LED's, it makes use of the SK6812 mini-e LEDs.

The Spacepad feature per key RGB, a 5-way switch, a rotary encoder, OLED support, and a speaker. In particular, the unique 5-way switch is a great way to pack a lot of functionality into a small space - it is perfect for arrow keys, mouse key emulation, or navigation cluster keys. This macropad is available in both black and white. This PCB has standard 19x19mm switch spacing.

For wired use, QMK firmware is available here. For wireless Bluetooth/wired use, ZMK firmware is available here. If you want to add a bottom plate, design files are located on the hardware repo here.

All Pro Micro compatible controllers are supported (Arduino Pro Micro, Sparkfun Pro Micro C, Elite-C, etc). For wireless use, the nrfmicro or nice!nano are recommended. If you wish to make your own bottom plate (attached via M2 screws and standoffs), the controller should be socketed.

This kit includes the PCB, diodes, and 5-way switch. Controller sold separately.