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Blue Phage Basic

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The Blue Phage allows any keyboard that uses an Arduino Pro Micro to be converted into a wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

It is a breakout for the NRF52832 Bluetooth Low Energy microcontroller that is pin-compatible with the Arduino Pro Micro. There are many DIY keyboard designs that utilize the Pro Micro as a controller.  Any keyboard that utilizes an Arduino Pro Micro can be made into a Bluetooth keyboard utilizing the BlueMicro firmware. Each board is shipped with a bootloader that allows use with the Arduino NRF52 environment developed by Adafruit. Together with the BlueMicro firmware, a fully programmable custom Bluetooth keyboard is possible with the use of this board.

There is a serial header on one edge of the board. Simply connect the 5 pins (DTR, TX,RX, 3.3V power, and ground) to the serial adapter of your choice. An auto-reset circuit onboard will allow the board to be reprogrammed without any the hassle of messing with reset and bootloader buttons.

This board requires a power supply between 2.4-3.5V.  Do not supply a higher voltage than that to the onboard JST footprint or the VCC pins as it may damage the board.

Aside from its uses as a keyboard controller, this board serves as a general breakout for the excellent NRF52832 microcontroller. If you wish to experiment with CircuitPython (Python for microcontrollers), Espruino (embedded Javascript), or otherwise experiment with a highly capable Bluetooth  microcontroller, this board will allow you to do so. 

The default version of this board also breaks out two additional GPIO. A smaller version (the purple board show) is available upon request in very limited quantities.

8/8/18: The smaller purple version is currently out of stock.