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Centromere LP

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The Centromere LP keyboard is a split wireless  ergonomic keyboard that can be built with both standard Cherry MX style switches and low profile Kailh Choc switches. It is fully programmable and customizeable. 

This new version adds 3 keys on the inside of each board, for a total of 6 extra keys without increasing the size of the keyboard.

It comes with a USB receiver module that allows you to customize the keymaps and layers via the popular QMK framework for mechanical keyboards. Having a receiver allows you to minimize wireless latency compared to a board with Bluetooth, and allows for extended battery life. Program the keyboard and change the keymap with a single command by downloading the QMK fork from the Southpaw Design Github.

The kit includes the wireless receiver, PCBs,plates of your choice, and through-hole diodes.  All keyboards will  be pre-programmed with default keymaps, so you just need to solder the diodes and switches to get started with your new Centromere LP. It features an on-off switch to save power and prevent errant keypresses when traveling with the board. Each half is powered by a CR2032  coin cell battery. One coin cell battery will last a couple of months of daily use.

This is designed to be used with PCB mounted switches, either Kailh Low Profile, MX, or ALPS switches are possible. Four colours of top plate are available as shown: neon green, light  blue, dark gray, and bamboo.