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Doce 12-Key RGB Macropad

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An ultra slim 12-Key (3x4) macropad with per-key RGB LED and support for Choc switches. This macropad supports surface mounting of the controller and easy-to-solder LEDs that fit underneath the switches.

The Pro Micro, Elite-C, and Kestrel F0 are supported as microcontrollers (not included).  The LED's are included with the kit, only switches and keycaps are needed. Solder the LED's by ensuring they face up through the board, and line up the leg with a notch to the pad on the board that has a white dot on it. After the LEDs, solder the diode and switches - and then you're done!

While QMK support is in the pipeline, you can download this fork and use it to modify your own keymaps. This macropad is intended for use with QMK.