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HalfPi QMK-compatible Wireless Keyboard

Regular price $140.00

The HalfPi keyboard is a wireless, QMK-compatible orthogonal layout keyboard that can use Cherry MX, ALPS, or Kailh Low Profile "Choc" switches.  It is powered by a single CR2032 coin cell battery that  will last several months without needing replacement.  This keyboard is fully programmable.  It features an ON/OFF switch for power saving purposes and will prevent errant keypresses if you choose to travel with it.

This keyboard is sold as a kit. You will receive a partially assembled board  with a switch plate, screws, diodes,a bottom protector plate, and a pre-programmed micro-USB receiver.

Your order may take up to 4 weeks for processing, assembly, and shipping.

The QMK keymaps are available on the Southpaw Design Github page. There is a build guide available here.