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Kappa Programmable Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Regular price $139.99

The Kappa keyboard is a wireless, QMK-compatible keyboard that can use Cherry MX, ALPS, or Kailh Low Profile "Choc" switches. Kappa was designed with ergonomics in mind.  It is powered by a single CR2032 coin cell battery that  will last several months without needing replacement.  This keyboard is fully programmable.  It features an ON/OFF switch for power saving purposes and will prevent errant keypresses if you choose to travel with it.

The Kappa is a 5-row split ergonomic ortholinear keyboard.

This keyboard is sold as a kit. You will receive a partially assembled board  with a switch plate,diodes,a bottom protector plate, and a pre-programmed micro-USB receiver.

Your order may take several weeks for processing, assembly, and shipping.

The QMK keymaps are available via Southpaw Design's Github page.

An acrylic middle layer design file is available through the Keyboard Design Files repository.