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The Telophase keyboard is a split wireless  ergonomic keyboard that can be built with both standard Cherry MX style switches and low profile Kailh Choc switches. It is fully programmable and customizeable. This keyboard is a splitn orthogonal 4x12 keyboard. It comes with a USB receiver module that allows you to customize the keymaps and layers via the popular QMK framework for mechanical keyboards. 

The advantage of using a custom receiver instead of using Bluetooth is that Bluetooth (or BLE) is a protocol with a lot of overhead that is trying to be everything to everyone. With a custom receiver, it's possible to design for the lowest latency possible and much longer battery life compared to most Bluetooth designs. Because the receiver is treated like a USB keyboard, it simplifies the use of the keyboard and vastly simplifies the process of programming keymaps.

The kit includes the wireless receiver, PCBs,plates, and through-hole diodes.  All keyboards will  be pre-programmed with default keymaps, so you just need to solder the diodes and switches to get started with your new Telophase. Each half is powered by a CR2032  coin cell battery. One coin cell battery will last a couple of months of daily use.

The plates that come with this kit are black one one side and brushed aluminum on the other. You can choose either side to face up and choose which color you'd prefer.

Building this board is identical to the Helicase. A build log is found here.

The QMK files to create new keymaps can be found on the Southpaw Design Github page. AVRDUDESS is recommended for flashing the resulting firmware.