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Wireless Split Keyboard Group Buy

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There are three variants of wireless, split, ortholinear keyboards: Telophase, Meiosis, and Helicase. They are in an ortholinear grid in three sizes: 4x6 grid, 5x6 grid, and 5x7 grid respectively. They are available with or without PCB plates. PCB plates are required for builds using MX-compatible plate mounted switches, but plates are not required if you intend to build a board using the low profile switches or PCB-mounted switches.

If 30 orders are made before the end of the group buy, every order will be refunded $10.

This group buy will be open through March 8th, and is expected to ship the first or second week of April.

The smaller 6 column boards can both be configured with a 2u sized thumb key.  The largest board,called the Helicase, also has options to be configured with a 2u shift/enter key, as well as 4 1.25u bottom row keys instead of 5 1u keys.

All of these keyboards are compatible with both standard MX-compatible switches, as well as Kailh's new slim low profile "Choc" switches.

These keyboards will be sold as a preprogrammed kit with all of the necessary hardware to create a fully functioning keyboard, including a fully assembled USB micro receiver. All of the difficult surface mount soldering will already be finished for you. USB Type C transceivers are available upon request. Keycaps are not included.